Crystal Scientifics provides water testing services for water quality. Water quality analysis is provided for the world's gold, petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing industries.

Water testing includes trace analysis capabilities. Our passion for clean water permeates our entire operations and we harness the power of modern technology and expertise to provide clients with accurate and concise laboratory results.
To make sure that all water bodies are safe for its intended purpose.
To make sure you are aware of your operations impact on water in the environment and help you take the necessary steps to make it clean and safe.

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P: PO Box 152, Tarkwa, Ghana, West Africa

I am impressed by the speed of delivery. I will recommend you to anyone who needs water testing services.
- Albert Klein

Your prices are a good reason for me to keep doing business with you. If I get quality service at such rates, why should I look elsewhere?
- Patrick Splane