Water Sampling

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I am impressed by the speed of delivery. I will recommend you to anyone who needs water testing services.
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At Crystal Scientifics, we have what it takes to conduct water sampling operations anywhere. Our team of experts conduct on site sampling no matter where the location. You wouldn't have to worry about how to get sampled water to our labs.

Give us a call and we will promptly come over for effective sampling following closely the industry standards so as to produce extremely accurate laboratory test results.
Quality Water Testing
Crystal Scientifics provide quality water testing services for water quality. Water quality analysis is provided for the world's petroleum, mineral, food, industrial, manufacturing and residences.

Water testing includes trace analysis capabilities. Crystal Scientifics water analysis capabilities vary by location, please contact Crystal Scientifics to determine the laboratory best suited to your water testing requirements.

Operation and Management of Portable Water Systems.
Potable water testing is often an integral aspect of guaranteeing the quality of water supplies in remote working and residential locations.

According to regulators, wholesome water needs to meet a particular set of standards before it can be declared safe for drinking, cooking, food preparation or washing.

Carrying out potable water testing also addresses the risks posed by legionella bacteria. Thorough strategies demonstrate that premises owners and duty managers are doing their utmost to comply with legal requirements and tackle the threats posed by these potentially deadly bacteria.

Providing a range of potable water testing solutions from our microbiology centres of excellence, we can turn your results around quickly and efficiently.

Examples of analyses we conduct  include water microbiology, total viable counts, coliform, E coli, enterococci, legionella and pseudomonas. The analysis of hydrocarbons in potable water is also within our service range.

We offer an extensive scope of water chemistry tests, including those to detect alkalinity, pH, total hardness and elements such as calcium, sodium, iron, nickel, fluoride, nitrate and lead. According to your preferences, we can issue test certificates in hard copy, e-copy or via our web-based client portal.

Our potable water testing services are conducted by fully qualified experts.